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Stress Awareness Month


The Benefits of Coloring for Stress Relief

A surprising trend in relaxation products has been the explosion of colouring books for adults.

But is colouring just for fun? Does colouring deliver stress relief and other mental health benefits?

How does it compare to creating your own art or even to art therapy?

Colouring enthusiasts claim that colouring makes them feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed.

When engaged in their hobby, “colourists,” as they call themselves, say that their worries temporarily fade away.

This is not surprising when you consider that all arts and crafts hobbies have the power to focus the brain similarly to meditation. 

A large study on knitters, for example, found that 80% of those with depression felt happier when they knitted. 

Join us, at our business lounge for some colouring our large colouring sheet.