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Co-Working Launched in Andover


Basepoint Andover have recently announced the launch of their new flexible workspace product, reserved CoWorking, available at the Andover centre now.

Co-working reserved desks are now available in Andover, which means unlimited flexible use whenever you need it without a full time office commitment. This is a perfect product for those who work from home and need flexible use of an office, or who are travelling for work meeting clients and just need a drop in desk. 

This cost effective flexible product includes a reserved desk, internet and communal facilities. The product is designed for those who do not need, or don't have the budget for, a full time private office. This allows a person to come and go as/when required to use their desk space to work and make calls. 

Here are a few key features of this product:

-24/7 access and unlimited per month

-Access to centre facilities such as kitchens and breakout area

-Monthly price includes internet, reserved desk, electric and facilities

-Take a longer term at a lower price, or start on a monthly flexible term

Get a quote here and reserved your desk: http://www.basepoint.co.uk/quickquote?location_id=1