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World Thinking Day


In honour of World Thinking Day 2019 we hosted a special Basepoint Quiz at our weekly coffee morning this week.

Licensees were invited to test their grey matter over coffee and cake with a varied quiz which covered general knowledge as well as a few trick questions. Things hotted up over one question, "In our solar system, which planet is the furthest from the Sun?" and the real test was our bonus question "What is Fiona's (our Centre Manager) middle name?".

There were lots of high scores but the lucky winners were Alison from Opticon Ltd and Amanda from Republic M! Ltd. Congratulations also goes out to Julian from Republic M! Ltd who took home the wooden spoon by scoring just 2.5 out of 11!

If you are looking for office space in a fun and friendly atmosphere why not contact us today to discuss our availability on 01582 434200 or email luton@basepoint.co.uk.