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RideFest Announcement- Total Raised


'One Gear Wonders'- the Basepoint team consisting of centre staff and licensees completed their RideFest challenge on Thursday 28th of February.

The team, which included centre staff and employees from Haven Power, ESN Products & Howard Shipping, definitely gave it their all- cycling a total distance of 51.6 miles (83KMs) over the course of 2 hours, consisting of 10 minute relay sprints for each team member and a half hour solo ride for Centre Manager Alison Morrissey.

Staff were supported (heckled) by a mixsture of licensees and visitors to the building, which added to the competitive feel of the event.

The total we were aiming to raise for the event was £450- enough to fund 8 individual therapy sessions to support someone through the loss of a loved one.

Thanks to the kind support and donations we received however, our actual total raised was...


'One Gear Wonders' would like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to all those who contributed to this fantastic total, it helps towards soothing the aching muscles experienced by most of us!

For more information on St Elizabeth Hospice, please visit: http://www.stelizabethhospice.org.uk