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Basepoint is Dog Friendly

Haywards Heath

No need to leave your pampered pooch at home, when going to work!

Ever had that pang of guilt when you close the front door for the day and leave your trusty four legged friend sitting in the hallway?                                                                                                                                                                          

There's no need to leave your dog at home to go to the office - Basepoint is dog friendly! All our business centres encourage you to bring your best friends to work, rather than leaving them at home on their own. Many pets are welcomed into our flexible serviced offices every day.

Join the Basepoint Community in order to meet like-minded business-orientated dog lovers. You'll be able to make new contacts AND exchange pet anecdotes during our regularly scheduled free to attend networking events.
Licensees are always very excited to discover that they can bring their best friend to work with them. Being able to take your dog for a walk at lunchtime and give him/her a fuss whenever you like is quite liberating when you work long hours and are worried about spending too much time away from them. It's a win win situation for the Licensee and their pet!

If you're interested in moving your office to Basepoint Haywards Heath in order to benefit from a dog-friendly Centre, more information can be found by contacting the team on 01444 849 250 or via haywardsheath@basepoint.co.uk