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With the advance of technology it is now easier than ever to work from home. However, this may not always be as glamorous as it seems. Maybe there is another way?

Technological advances mean that workers are now able to work remotely and from home much more in recent times. This can mean more flexibility and an increase in productivity. However in some cases, the lack of human interaction once had in the traditional office environment can mean feeling isolated and missing out on the human element of working.

As a result, co-working and ad-hoc meeting spaces are becoming increasingly more popular for the remote worker, but in a professional setting and not a noisy coffee shop.

Co-working is widely available and something that Basepoint Centres and Regus offer. Packages from providers can often be tailored, dependant on the level of access required, so can make it very cost effective.

Co-working space and memberships allow a remote worker to turn up and use communal facilities and/or have a temporary desk space. This means the home worker can meet clients without inviting them to their home and enables them to interact and feel part of a community area where others are working, so they can get out of home to somewhere they can work effectively but feel less isolated.

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