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Basepoint Licensee helps George fullfill his visual dreams


Kate Meads Associates who are in Basepoint Andover recently supported a great fund raising event to help George who suffers from a rare eye condition fulfill his visual bucket list. The monies raised so far £3800 and counting!!!

 The head boy of John Hanson (Kate’s son) contacted KMA to ask for sponsorship of a 24 hour spin that was going to take place on Monday 22nd July to raise money for a 6 year old boy from Andover called George. George was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye condition called macular dystrophy and really sadly there is a high chance his 5 year old sister will also have it. (The parents are taking her for DNA testing)

The condition causes colour blindness and vision loss, sadly there is no cure and he already struggles to recognise faces, read and watch tv. With that in mind, Josh wanted to ensure that this little boy gets the chance to fulfil his visual bucket list, he wants to see: The Eiffel Tower, The Colosseum and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. All the money raised will be used for George to see these places with his family. 

Although the event has ended, it’s definitely just the beginning. We’ve had news that the RAF have been inspired by what John Hanson and KMA have done, and will be taking part in their very own 24 hour spin with all of the funds being added to George’s go fund me page!

KMA are planning to take the team to watch the RAF in late August, and are also hosting a summer party for all the participants and teachers to thank them for what they’ve done. KMA will continue to lead this cause, and hopefully drive it to national news.

Well done to you all for a fabulous effort and keep up the fantastic work!