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Summer Social Event


Tomorrow is Basepoint Evesham's summer social- Pizza and Beer in the sun?

On the 9th August 2019, we will be having our summer social. Pizza and Beer in the sunshine. Well, hopefully in the sunshine. Turns out that the one day we choose for this event, is the day that rain, wind, lightning and thunder are due to roll over our little part of green England. Hmmm?!

However, we will not be outdone by a bit of breeze and water. I'm thinking that we use the weather to our advantage. Get the water slides out and let the rain be the lubricant. Paddling pools dotted around and everyone in their bathers. Might get chilly but surely the pizzas would warm us up?

Oh hang on- lighning and water- didn't someone say that they shouldn't mix? An allusion to death or fatal injury? Well, maybe that isn't my greatest idea then. Tell you what, save some hassle and probably a few law suits- we will simply move the event inside, that may just be the least risky option (but not necessarily the most fun).