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Bringing more to the business table


At Basepoint we want to offer more than 'just an office'. We want to offer businesses the opportunity to grow and obtain knowledge, which is why we are working with Modest Marketing to bring our clients insight into the world of social media marketing

On October 9th Basepoint Evesham are collaborating with Natasha Woolridge of Modest Marketing to bring our clients and other interested parties training as to how social media marketing is beneficial to their business.

This series starts with a 'Wake up to Social Media Marketing' presentation, which is free, on the 9th October from 8am-9am. Basepoint will supply the coffee and Natasha will supply the keen insight. The purpose of this morning is to show how social media can benefit you and your business, and furthermore how it is a necessity to business growth and marketing.

Following that morning will be workshops focusing on specific areas of social media:

1. Facebook for marketing your business
2. Twitter for marketing your business
3. Instagram for marketing your business
4. Creating images / branding
5. Making videos for social media marketing
6. Writing copy and social media posts

The dates for these are yet to be confirmed but will be put on our calender.

We are really excited to be working withy Natasha and the benefit this will bring to our clients.

Watch this space for more information.