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Changing the way you work


Do you feel like you're in a rut? Would changing your environment help you to achieve your goals? What can Basepoint offer you?

When you work for yourself, an SME or even remotely it can be hard to stay motivated, especially if you work from home or working your way round the local coffee shops.

I know from personal experience that working from home bring some particular challenges: you are never able to fully leave work at work, there is always some (unpaid) job that needs doing or your children want to come and see what you're doing. None of these in and of themselves are bad. If you love your work then not being away from it does not feel like a drain. Being at home means you can get those little jobs done that would otherwise need to be squeezed into an already full weekend. And of course, seeing your children is always a joy.

But I found the combination of these things meant that the amount of work I got done diminished on a daily basis. At this point I thought I would try out the local coffee shops and hotels. Initially it was a great- a real buzz being around more people and I didn't have the distraction of 'home stuff'. But it soon became apparent that the noise meant I couldn't make the phone calls I needed to make, I kept getting distracted by the people bumping into my table or by the loud meeting in the corner.

Now, what I am about to say obvioulsy sounds leading as I work for the company, but.....

I wish had known about Basepoint at that time, wish I had known that there was an option of a local workspace at a reasonable price. I knew I couldn't afford an office, but the lounge membership would have suited me to a tea. Having the option of working in a professional business lounge that was designed to allow people to work, with business grade internet would have revolutionised the way I worked. Not only could I have worked in my local centre, but I could have used any of the centres around the country.

And once business picked up, I could have simply either upgraded my membership or signed a new agreement for a physical office. It really is that simple!