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This week`s customer in the spotlight is Andrew Kidd from Daring Futures

Andrew, how long have you been at Basepoint and who works for Daring Futures ?

We moved into the main building for January 2019, and we are Andrew (CEO & Founder), Sophie (Associate Interaction Designer) and  Jan (Office Manager).

Please give us an overview  of what your company does

We’re a boutique consultancy, offering a unique blend of research and development, with executive coaching for delivery. We serve leaders and their teams, in delivering transformation, as they design, deliver and grow their digital products and services. Our portfolio of services help leadership teams answer 3 fundamental questions:

● What should we do next?
● How should we do it?
● How should we be together?

We partner with our clients, and together we work on clarifying the management challenge, designing effective strategies, and executing these profitably.

What would you say our your USPs:?

We have over 35 years of digital delivery experience, working with businesses large and small, in both public and private sectors, serving as trusted advisors during digital transformations. We excel at simplifying technology and complexity, so that our clients can confidently create and operate their own elegant solutions.

What is your business doing right now?

We’re currently in a growth phase, and looking to take on another 1 or 2 more clients.  Some capacity in our practice has opened as we’re coming to the close of a major piece of work for a UK.GOV client, having successfully supported the delivery of a brand new digital service, which will save the UK taxpayer £38M.

What’s your plans for the future?

We’re planning a steady growth, as we develop ongoing relationships with clients, and associates, as we deliver our suite of collaboration products and services.

What do you think of Basepoint Gosport:?

It’s no secret we’re big fans! We love the sense of community that the team work hard to create, and the centre itself sets the right tone when clients visit us.

And finally what’s the best thing about Basepoint Gosport?

I’d say the flexibility use of space. We can flex as we need to, to accomodate hosting events or hosting teams in the delivery of projects.

For anyone wanting to know more about us, please visit www.daringfutures.com, or call us on 01329 848119 to schedule a coffee and a conversation.
Behind every great venture, leaders first engage with Daring Futures. Shouldn’t you?