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ENTER THE DRAGON - Southampton based recruiter attracts investment from James Caan


This month marks the start of a brand new chapter for South Coast based construction recruiter One Way Resourcing with an investment from HB RIDA, an intensive development vehicle that gives SME recruiters access to the necessary support, guidance and finance that they require to grow and acquire further market share.

HB RIDA is chaired by ‘dragon’ James Caan who says that he and his team spotted the talents of the Directors Paul Payne and Duncan Bartlett. “I have always invested in people rather than just their ideas”, says Caan, “and I was impressed by both their entrepreneurial spirit and their success in building a business which refuses to compromise on quality and standards. This is a company that has really raised the bar in a sector of the recruitment market often criticised for its standards”. Commenting on the company’s new business partner, Director Duncan Bartlett said “We are delighted to have gained such a significant investor with very specific expertise within the recruitment sector and can’t wait to start working with James and his team.” Co-director Paul Payne agrees and says that their expansion has already started: We’ve not only secured a significant new investor which will give us a real platform for growth, but have also just completed an acquisition and opened a brand new satellite office in Portsmouth.” Managing Director of HB RIDA Helen Reynolds who works closely with Caan and his team to identify likely investments “we’re really looking forward to seeing One Way Resourcing grow as a business - and helping the Directors to achieve their ambitions