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Previous Licensee Returns To The Old Rectory


A licensee who previously occupied an office at The Old Rectory is returning after finding the service elsewhere just isn't the same!

Anyone who’s ever been overweight knows how difficult it can be to shed those excess pounds by just following a healthy eating plan. Many of us are tempted to follow fad diets that promise to make us lose weight fast with little effort, and of course we do, to start with...

Unfortunately the weight loss is often short lived, as by cutting out different foods we feel like we are being deprived and that makes us miserable and seriously dents all that will-power we had when we started the diet, inevitably leading to failure.

What do we do next to lose weight? Start another diet, stay as you are, or go for something more drastic like a gastric balloon or gastric banding?

There is another alternative....

A Virtual Gastric Band
Using hypnotherapy it is possible to convince your sub-conscious mind that you have an actual gastric band fitted, therefore you will feel full up and satisfied after consuming much less food than you would normally need.

Another benefit of using hypnotherapy is that it is possible to address any bad habits or triggers that you might have that encourage you to overeat in the first place.

A virtual gastric band is an excellent way of helping you to achieve your weight-loss goals if that is what you really want to do, as of course hypnosis cannot be used to make you do anything against your will.

For more information contact Andrea - info@virtualgastricbanding.co.uk