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Play and Win Monopoly: Swindon Edition


The Swindon Therapy Centre for MS, Basepoint Swindon chosen charity is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It is one of the charities that received enough public votes to qualify for a square on the new Swindon edition of Monopoly

To celebrate their inclusion on the board, the therapy centre is holding a competition to win one of the 30 games given to them by Monopoly licensee Winning Moves.
Individual players and teams of 4 are invited to take part. The cost is just £4 per player inclusive of refreshments.
Organiser Laura Wilson said: “We were really surprised when Winning Moves contacted us to say we were going to appear on the Monopoly board. It’s wonderful to know of the support we have in the community.
“We want to attract 120 people to play the Swindon edition which represents the number of people who receive a therapy session at the MS Centre daily.
“We’re keeping the entry price very low so that anybody can take part, and we’ve set a time limit. After two hours of play the person who has accumulated the most wealth takes the game away.”
Lyn Chapman Centre Manager commented “The Swindon Monopoly board looks amazing and we were absolutely thrilled that our chosen charity received enough votes to qualify for a square. They provide such a valuable service and truly deserve the recognition”
To register to play contact Laura on 01793 481700 or mail: fundraising@msswindon.org.uk