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Happy 1st Anniversary to Mixten Services


MixTen Services Ltd has been formed to help get you through the jungle of ‘mixed tenure’ leases and tenancy agreements that exist within the housing sector.

Whether  you  are  a private  resident who  is  fed-up  with  paying excessive  Service  Charges,  a  Resident  Management Company (RMC),  frustrated  that  you  can’t  get value  for  money from  your  Managing  Agent  or  anyone  else  seeking  help  and  support  with  your  residential leasehold  query -  now  there is  a  company  here  for  you!

Typical  areas  where  we  can  help  include:

• Selection  of  Managing  Agents
• Service   Charge/Reserve  Fund  audit
• Setting-up  residents’ associations/affiliation to the  Federation  of  Private  Residents  Association (FPRA)
• Interpretation  of  your  lease/tenancy  agreement
• Integrating  mixed  tenure  communities
• Running  your  RMC – best  practice
• Transitional  arrangements  from  developer  to RMC
• RMC  director  training/preparation
• RMC/housing  association  liaison