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Basepoint Chatham's nominated charity prove MAGIC can happen


It is going to be a MAGIC Christmas in Cliffe Woods – thanks to the generosity of Medway businesses.

Basepoint Chatham, The Joiners Shop's nominated local charity MAGIC (Medway Autism Group & Information Centre) have moved into Bradbury House in View Road, Cliffe Woods as their new centre for supporting 580 Medway families, where there is a child/young person with autism.

MAGIC have recently appealed to local businesses and community organisations to help decorate and refurbish this large centre as an activity centre for more than 100 children with autism and a place where their hard-pressed parents can get support.

Basepoint Business Centre at Chatham Dockyard have supported MAGIC as their local charity for several years. We have agreed to match the funding raised by MAGIC for four children’s Christmas events so that they can really enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Along with our help, another local busines has also jumped into action.  The charity has now taken over an old school in local Cliffe and the building was in desperate need of waste management services. After hearing about the plea, Paul Monck of MTS Cleansing Limited, sent a giant yellow “Super Suction Tanker” to clean out the drains all around the MAGIC centre. This gift in kind was worth £1,300 and has meant the centre's waste management will now be ok for a number of years to come and taken the strain off the charity's precious funds.

Gayna Simmonds, Chief Executive of MAGIC said, “Please think of us this Christmas. We would be delighted to hear from any other organisation who can help make our new centre be more homely for the disabled children who use it. Part of the building is cold and empty – we could bring it alive but need your help”.

To learn more about MAGIC see their website www.medway-magic.org  or contact  01634 570706, email office.manager@medway-magic.org