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Andover Town Business Fair


Local Companies showcase their Businesses in a Special Fair which was held in Andover high street on Friday 20th June 2014

Over 30 local businesses, ranging from website designers, hynotherapists, solicitors and financial advisors,  attended the Andover Business Fair which was held in the high street last Friday. It was a great day to showcase Basepoint Andover and promote the Centre to other local businesses and customers. There was plenty of branded goodies to hand out to potential enquiries, meeting room clients and potential attendees to our next B2B networking event.

As you can see from the photograph Wendy Williams, Assistant Manager was trying out her Sales Journey technic on "Merlin" the wizard from Andover Leisure Centre, unfortunately whilst he loved having his photograh taken, getting his client details, appropriate unit requirements and closing the deal was like getting "blood out of a stone" or should that be a "Sword."

We look forward to meeting more businesses at the next Andover Fair on 12th September 2014