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Burton Primary School Growing for Gold!


Congratulations to the Gardening & Environmental Club at Burton Primary School, Christchurch, who along with their Teacher Mr Peter Assinder lovingly nurtured their Sunflower to an impressive 248cm for the final reading last week, resulting in them being the Winner for the Bournemouth Centre, winning £250 worth of vouchers for the School.

Mr Assinder, a Maths Teacher by trade, has proudly taken on the responsibility of the School Gardens project, which has already won him the acclaim of an Alan Titchmarsh Award for their Gardening in Schools efforts. This week saw the school host an “Open Garden Afternoon” for families and friends/supporters of the school, and was attended by Mayor of Christchurch Nick Geary, who declared the Gardens officially open. 7 schools participated in the local competition, with Parley First School placed as the runner up with 155cm. Mr Assinder is delighted to have won the Competition, which continues to recognise the efforts of the School’s Gardening & Environmental Clubs, and we have high hopes now for the National competition! Peter has vowed to continue to nurture the Sunflower, and has organised a watering rota for during the Summer Holidays, as at today the measurement is just shy of 3 metres, and still growing! Well done Burton Primary!