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Wedding Bells From Basepoint Luton


Staff and Licensee’s at Basepoint Luton joined in together today at the weekly networking coffee morning to pass on their good wishes to Faiza Rehman who has been based here for the past few months.

Faiza was presented with cards, presents, flowers and plenty of confetti from both the Basepoint team and the friends she has made during her time here. The traditional “Wedding March” was played to see her off from the office as she takes leave to prepare for her wedding this weekend. Bets were being offered as to where the final destination is for the secret honeymoon that her future husband Ismeel has planned. Apart from someone’s suggestion of Bognor Regis they were all pretty exotic warm sunny locations, so we await with anticipation the text naming the actual destination details! Where ever it is Faiza can be sure that she is wished good health, future happiness and many congratulations too.