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Barrie Tibble celebrates 10 years of working for Basepoint in Romsey


Debbie Gray in Head Office ensured the timely arrival of Barrie Tibble’s 10 year long service certificate and £100 vouchers. Jenny and Fiona (centre management staff) told Barrie that they would hold a coffee morning in his honour, but kept the vouchers and certificate as a surprise. On the day lots of licensee’s turned up to congratulate Barrie. He also received a number of well wishes in various emails from licensee’s who know him well but were not in the office that day. In Barrie’s photograph, he is pictured with two licensee’s who have been at the centre for longer than he has – so that was an all round celebration.

All the licensee’s helped Barrie enjoy his celebration cake and made him feel really special. Jenny Wills, Centre Manager, thanked Barrie for all his hard work and commitment, commenting that she couldn’t run the centre without him, how he really is an asset to the team here and we are lucky to have him. Barrie was absolutely over the moon with the thought that had gone into the celebration. He was particularly pleased with the vouchers and the personal note from Denis Taylor, Basepoint’s Group Chief Executive. Let’s hope that he stays for another 10 years.