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Eco-friendly baby product shop to open in Bagshot


A mum of three who runs an online baby product business is set to open a flagship showroom in Surrey Heath

Victoria Hampson, founder of Natural Baby Shower, is gearing up to open her very own shop in Bagshot specialising in eco-friendly, organic baby products.

The Ottershaw mum of three and her partner Clifton set up www.naturalbabyshower.co.uk, an online baby product website, in 2007 following the birth of their fist child Dylan.

Victoria said: "When my son, Dylan, was born, I had no idea what kind of parent I wanted to be. I was working in New Zealand at the time, where the natural baby movement was just taking off.

"The idea of ethical products - and a simple, close approach to parenting - really made sense to me. Back in the UK, the same kind of choice just wasn't there.

"So Clifton and I decided to start our own company, bringing together the best natural baby products we could find at family-friendly prices."