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British Gas owner Centrica announces plan to axe 6,000 jobs


The future for employees at two Centrica sites in Staines is unclear following the announcement

The owner of British Gas, which has two major company sites in Staines, has revealed plans to axe around 6,000 jobs.

Energy giant Centrica has a storage facility in London Road while its British Gas business has a head office in The Causeway.

The future of workers at both of these locations was unclear following the announcement on Thursday morning.

Centrica runs an overall total of 50 sites across the UK and Ireland.

A British Gas spokesperson said: "We do not yet have detail on where these jobs will go, but we will consult with our employees directly once we have developed proposals."

The job cuts were announced by new Centrica chief executive Iain Conn.

He said: “The conclusion of our strategic review provides a clear direction for the business.

"Centrica is an energy and services company. Our purpose is to provide energy and services to satisfy the changing needs of our customers, and as such we will focus our growth ambitions on our customer-facing activities."

Centrica said the job cuts would occur through "natural attrition and redundancies" and take place before 2020. It added that redundancies would occur by 2017.

The cost-cutting plan comes after Centrica announced a massive £1bn profit in the first six months of the year.

More than half of that came from its British Gas arm, where profits nearly doubled to £528m.

The surge - fuelled by colder weather last winter - was around twice what analysts were expecting and more than the supplier made in the whole of last year.