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Burt’s Bees Donate to Refuges in Swindon


As a part of their community initiative, Burt’s Bees who are located at Basepoint Swindon recently donated a wide variety of their 99% natural health and cosmetic products to both the men’s and women’s refugees in the local area. Staff in the office filled up large cardboard boxes with personal care products such as body creams, body washes and soaps to be given away.

Their vast product range caters for both men and women so each box was carefully tailored to meet the needs of the people who it would finally be distributed to. Burt’s Bees pride themselves on being a very community focused business and saw this unique opportunity in Swindon as a chance to share their products with those going through difficult personal circumstances. Burt’s Bees have been trading for over 27 years, originally starting in North Carolina.