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The Pink Ladies bring a little of their sunshine to Basepoint Swindon


On the 27th July, the reception at Basepoint Swindon turned a lovely shade of pink as The Pink Lady apple ambassadors set up their apple cart and deckchairs and gave out free apples to licensees and visitors during the afternoon. The event was just a small part of the marketing drive for the apples in the UK, which sees the ambassadors taking the apples around the country to various locations with the aim to bring a little ‘sunshine’ to lunchtime. The Pink Ladies also gave away money-off vouchers to all those who participated and offered people the chance to enter a prize draw to win a holiday to South Africa worth £10,000!

The event was perfectly suited to the lovely weather that we’ve been having, and the apples were certainly a welcome afternoon snack amongst the licensees! It was such a success that the ladies left behind a crate of apples for Basepoint to give away the following day!