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Basepoint Romsey – November’s Coffee Morning


After an incredible downpour and the Romsey Team wondering whether all the licensee’s had decided not to attend, in they came from the cold. Chocolate biscuits are the way forward at Romsey and tend to guarantee attendance. Our new licensee for November is called Bac2, Director - Mike Stannard attended our coffee morning and following an excellent selection of choccy biscuits he upgraded to a larger office!

SBL Builders had a good chat with Bac2 as did A to B Mobility, B9 Energy, Wireless Excellence and Ocean Books. The Vinyl Box is going to assist Bac2 with a new banner that they want created. So a good networking session was well underway and it is so nice to see the licensee’s helping each other. Looking forward to seeing all of our licensee’s at our Christmas Event in December.