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5 Ways Shakespeare was an entrepreneurial genius

Business leaders have long sought inspiration in Shakespeare’s work – as much for the tragic mistakes to avoid, as the qualities to emulate.

Yet history’s finest writer was also a sharp commercial operator in his own right, with sidelines in everything from commodities to real estate, plus a gift for protecting his artistic interests.

Published posthumously in 1623, a line from Cymbeline hints at William Shakespeare’s business credentials: “a right judgement draws us a profit from all things we see.” In truth The Bard had a knack for “right judgements” in all sorts of areas, making him one of Jacobean England’s most intrepid entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few of the many ways the great man displayed an impressive entrepreneurial spirit;

  1. All the King’s Men: Invest wisely for dual revenue streams
  2. Turn foe to friend: Seek allies amongst the competition
  3. A Global success: Create your own opportunities
  4. Breaking bard: Opportunities can be found anywhere
  5. All’s well that ends well: Plan for the finish line

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