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Business travel changed– but not forever

In the thick of the pandemic, it seemed hard to imagine that we would ever travel for business again. Health and hygiene concerns coupled with global lockdowns, conspired to take all our meetings online. However, now the future is looking brighter, will businesses stay loyal to Zoom, or will we return to the old ways of travel and doing business face-to-face?

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We’ve all been there in the past months, suddenly finding yourself stuck working from home with distractions all around. Luckily, there’s an easy fix we can recommend to everyone who’s feeling the jitters. A couple of hours of weekly exercise can be enough to significantly improve your wellbeing – and not just physically, either. The cognitive benefits of exercising on a regular basis are a fact. It leaves you feeling energetic, satisfied and ready to take on any day. So, let’s get right to it. Here’s why you should be regularly working out now more than ever.

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Darren Coleman, ALM Training Services Limited

ALM Training Services have been tenants at Basepoint Tilbury since April 2008, and have been very impressed with the set up of the organisation since being here. The bui…

Dawn Brown - Finkk Marketing

You go out of your way to be welcoming and helpful. I have an office at Basepoint in Romsey and occasionally use Winchester if I'm in the area. Parking can be tight b…