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Is Office Admin Taking Up Too Much Time?

When you’re running a small business, whether it’s just you or a small team of people, it seems like everything is your job! This can mean that a great deal of time is lost on assorted admin tasks. It’s essential to find ways of streamlining all this work.

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Are You Ready To Expand Your Team ?

The inception of any business is both thrilling and terrifying. In order to rapidly grow your company, it’s important to consider taking calculated risks, but you need to have confidence that these will pay off. Getting your business to the stage of being able to expand its workforce is a major milestone for any startup owner, but employing extra staff too soon, or creating unnecessary roles, can have a costly effect and in some cases, spell the end of your dream of being your own boss. So what are the signs that your business is ready to make its first hire?

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The Perks of Co-working

The beauty of a co-working space is that you get to choose the environment that best suits you. But that’s not all – here are a few other ways to really maximise the benefits Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or work for a large global corporation, it’s likely you have some familiarity with the concept of co-working. But are you confident you know about all the benefits it offers? Here we share the less obvious perks of your co-working space – and how to maximise them to suit your own ends.

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Andrew Kidd – Certainty Software

Moving to the Basepoint Gosport was one of the best decisions we have made. The site is exceptionally well kept, giving the correct first impression when our clients visi…

Fiona Taylor, Tailored Living Solutions

Just to confirm that my experience with Basepoint Business Centre has been a positive one . Mark and his team have been excellent, always happy to help and most approach…

Luke Bailey, Operations Director GlobeUs Training

It’s been a great experience working at Basepoint Gosport. It was so straightforward finding the right space and then moving in. The Centre Team have been incredibly su…