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“I moved into Basepoint back in August 2007 following a difficult time at my previous location. The Centre team were extremely helpful and the move was stress-free. My neighbours were very welcoming and overall everyone has been very friendly. Since being at Basepoint I have expanded the business and once again the Basepoint Swindon team were brilliant. The Centre is kept very clean and tidy and from a security perspective I have always felt very safe, especially in light of the fact that I often work late into the evenings. Basepoint isn’t just a Business Centre, it’s a community and I have been very happy, as have my Clients.”

Clare Duncan-Hawes, Chiropractic Health

"I moved into Basepoint back in 2013. The easy in easy out licence agreement, welcoming staff, clean environment, and the facilities made up my mind to set up my Foot Health clinic here. The Centre team couldn't be more helpful and professional, they are always on hand if I have any problems. My clients love coming here and remark on how relaxed and friendly it feels. The free car parking is a bonus too."

Kath Gater, Foot Health

"As a small business Basepoint suits our needs perfectly and since moving in over a year ago we have never looked back. Basepoint is definitely the best office complex I have had the pleasure of being a tenant in and has a professional feel about it and has the added benefit of all the numerous services we have access to including meeting rooms and free on-site parking. The business community within Basepoint is friendly and very neighbourly and makes me feel like I am not alone even if the majority of my time in the office is spent by myself as the others are out on the road. The centre is kept meticulously clean and well maintained and this is a good reflection on the Centre team who work hard at maintaining the high standards. The Centre team is definitely an asset to Basepoint and is always on hand to help or lend a listening ear when needed."

Pauline Bond, GB Safety Limited

"As a business looking for an office it was a real bonus to come across Basepoint and its offering. It gave us the opportunity to obtain business premises without having to commit to a long term lease, while still providing us with a prestigious office, portraying the correct company image. From the very start we were given helpful and practical advice from the Centre Manager, who made the whole process very simple, allowing us to concentrate on our business."

Sep Izadpanah, Pars Development

Advance Partioning Solutions, found setting up business at Basepoint was incredible easy. “From the time we signed the licence agreement, access was straightforward. Phone and internet lines were set up within hours; we did not have to deal with out any outside engineers. Having the team on site means that any hiccups are dealt with in minutes rather than days, which saves us a great deal of time and effort, which is crucial to a small company. We have been here since May 07 and all our clients who have visited the site have been very impressed with the centre and the facilities offered."

Paul Moore, Advance Partitioning Solutions Ltd

"I am an Acupuncture practitioner and have been working from Basepoint Business Centre for over 9 years and have to say that I am very happy with the service I receive. So much so that I would not consider working from anywhere else! The staff are very friendly and approachable and help with any issues, quickly and without fuss. The centre is always kept clean, looks professional and has the added bonus of free parking right outside the main building, which is very convenient for my clients, especially those with disabilities. There is also a lift inside the main building, which again is useful for those who cannot use the stairs. When I first started to look for an office to work from, I wanted to find somewhere modern and clean, as I believe first impressions are very important when visiting a new environment. I also needed somewhere that would allow me access to my office at any time or day of the week. Basepoint ticked all the boxes for me and was by far the best centre I had come across in Swindon. Many of my clients have since commented on how nice and modern the centre is, which is always good to hear! I would therefore recommend Basepoint to anyone who is looking for a clean, friendly and professional centre to work from."

Sue Baghi, Enerqi Acupuncture & Reiki Clinic

"We moved into Basepoint Swindon on the 1st December 2007 with a view to a temporary solution for our increasing office needs. The first attraction for us was the ‘easy in easy out’ tenancy that was on offer. It was at that time that we met the Centre Manager who was just the perfect ‘Landlady’ and was always on hand to support assist and generally help us move in. Since 2007 we have upgraded our offices on two occasions and are now in the third. On each occasion the arrangements to move have been seamless and sadly we have at times taken the Centre team for granted as they literally make sure that we are well looked after without fuss or complaint. We have looked on several occasions to move but as we deal with many clients in the Swindon area we get to see other such office facilities and hear of clients’ experiences. At present we believe we cannot better what we have, not just for the price, as we could possibly find something cheaper, but cheap is not always good. Many of our clients visit us and are always welcomed in a polite professional manner, many comment on the Centre staff because of their pleasant demeanour. Indeed we now have five clients here on site who have moved in and one on a waiting list. Currently, we have no plans to move as we have everything here that we need; clean modern offices and excellent support team and that is as important to us as everything else our clients like us being here, geographically and because of the fact that they get a personal welcome from the Centre team if they were part of our staff."

Roy Smart, Roy Smart Limited

"Basepoint Swindon is the most professional, friendly, clean and tidy business centre in the town and I imagine it would out shine any other centre in the country, as not only is the Centre an exceptionally well serviced building but has an extraordinary Centre Manager. There has never been an occasion when any of the staff at the centre have not gone out of their way to assist us with any query or concern we have had. The Centre Manager is one of the most professional and helpful managers I have come across and I think this reflects in her staff always willing to assist. Presenting Binders has been established 12 years and it was a big decision to move from another business centre to Basepoint. I had only come in to compare business rates and office sizes. I made quite a few visits, and took quite a while to make my decision to move the company but at no point did I feel pressurised into making a decision as all my queries were answered and assisted me all the way. The Centre staff will always have an interest in our company and how we are doing, they are genuinely interested and a pleasure to chat to on a business level."

Michelle Barron, Presenting Binders

"I have had the privilege of knowing the Centre Manager since Syntacta moved to Basepoint in June 2008 as a department of the University of Bath in Swindon, but became more involved when Syntacta became a limited company in July 2010. The Centre staff made the transition of the office tenancy from the University to Syntacta effortless, something which was greatly appreciated at a time when Syntacta Ltd was being set up whilst the service to all of the existing clients had to continue to be provided. The Centre Team is extremely professional, efficient, responsive, communicative and practical. They are very friendly, approachable and supportive, always smiling and never too busy to exchange a few words. The team is a real asset to Basepoint Centres and is certainly what makes Swindon Basepoint such a great place to work."

Krystyna Lenik, Syntacta Ltd

"Having relocated our business from Harley Street in London to Basepoint in Swindon we found the move incredible easy. From the time we signed the licence agreement, access was straightforward. Phone and internet lines were set up within hours; we did not have to deal with any outside engineers. Having the team on site means that any hiccups are dealt with in minutes rather than days, which saves us a great deal of time and effort, which is crucial to our business. All our clients who have visited the site have been very impressed with the centre and the facilities offered. Most importantly the Centre Manager and the team are incredibly customer focused – nothing is too much trouble and we would highly recommend the team here."

Gary Parker, Avebury Computing

"When I was looking to set up ISl Online Ltd, the biggest issue I faced was finding the right premises. I looked at several offices and high street shops, they were either too expensive as you had a repair contract on top of the rent and business rates or you had to sign a 3-5 year lease. Someone recommended Basepoint to me and I have never looked back, from the very first meeting I saw the potential these offices could provide. The prices are extremely competitive; they provide the broadband and telephone lines plus a very professional look when your clients visit. All this makes the job of actually running and financing your business much easier. The staff are great and no request for help is too difficult, and if they can’t help they know someone who can!"

Warren Hawkins, ISL Online Ltd

"Basepoint Swindon has been the ideal location for us to grow our business, and over the past 7 years we have been able to move offices within the building as and when it’s been necessary to accommodate our growth with ease. The centre staff have always been most helpful in assisting us make the right step for our business with their positive and flexible attitude. Right from the outset, the Basepoint staff have been approachable and have always done all that they can to be helpful or to resolve any issues that arise. Knowing that we’ve had that support there from the first day of our occupation in the building has been beneficial. As a result of the friendly community atmosphere that Basepoint has created in this centre through regular networking and recommendations, as a business we have been able to build solid working relationships with countless other companies in the building which has been of great benefit to us."

Chris Griffin, Sensata Ltd

"From the point of moving in as a new start up business, we've found the Centre Management Team very accommodating in assisting us with getting set up and on our way. Nothing has been too much trouble and we certainly would have struggled without them. During my time here I've seen all members of the team covering all aspects of running the business centre from gardening to re-painting various workspaces which demonstrates to me that they have the love and enthusiasm to make sure that all clients here enjoy the facilities provided."

Carpentry And Partitioning Services Ltd

"Basepoint has been the home for our business for over two years. We've found the Centre team to be friendly, flexible and consistently provide a great service. We also found Basepoint to be great value for money. Thanks for looking after us."

Martin Thompson, Enterprise Opinions Limited

"We have found the site to be extremely accommodating and all residents friendly and professional. Thank you to the Centre Manager who has been on hand during the settling in process. The Centre team has been professional, approachable and efficient and always available to assist with any needs we may have."

Daniel Leyland, Templine Recruitment