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Office Moves –Beat the Stress


Over three quarters of SME’s in the UK have delayed office moves because of stress, according to a recent survey by energy provider E.On. It’s well known that moving house is stressful but it can be even more of a strain for companies, who need to ensure their businesses carries on operating throughout. So what are the main problems involved in moving offices, and how can companies avoid the pitfalls?

Loss of Time
The survey estimated that on average Britain’s SME’s have lost 7.5 days in the last five years through office moves.
It isn’t just the time spent on the move that is lost, planning can start months ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly. Searching for suitable premises alone can take hours.
Once the move arrives, as well as packing up everything in your current office, time has to be spent on mapping out your new premises to ensure everything fits in.

The survey shows that moving premises costs the average SME c£40,000 over five years.
Main costs include finding new premises, paying to have old premises made good, complying with any terms of the existing lease and organising a fitout for your new office.

In a world where digital is essential to most businesses, the thought of arranging new connections is one of the most off putting factors for many businesses contemplating a move.
Although the ideal is to have everything working right away, in practice it can take time to get computers and phones set up, so it’s a good idea to have back-up plans in place for the changeover period.

Keeping Customers Informed
If people can’t get in touch with you, the result could easily be loss of business. Keeping lines of communication open right through the move is essential to ensure your clients can reach you if they need to.

Guard against the hassles of repeated office moves by choosing serviced office space in a convenient location, such as Basepoint Swindon. Basepoint offers flexible terms, support and advice and arrangement of data and phone connections. You will also have the ability to move within the business centre as needed in future, keeping the same contact details, which makes it easy to keep in touch with clients.