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Never leave your best friend behind!


Only few dog owners enjoy leaving their pet alone while they head off to work.

You no longer need to feel guilty as you head off to work leaving behind your trusty four legged friend . You also don`t need to rush home at lunchtime to let the dog out. All of our business centres encourage you to bring your best friend to work ,all day ,every day.

You never have to leave him at home again as Basepoint is very dog friendly!

Being able to take your dog for a walk from your office at lunchtime and being able to give him a fuss whilst working those long hours completely removes the guilty feeling that many working  pet owners currently have.

Why not make an appointment for the two of you to view the fantastic facilities that Basepoint has to offer.

Take a tour and explore the many walking areas around the centre.

Call us on 01962 832500 to book a tour today.