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With technological advances and evolving workplace operations, it is becoming increasingly common for workers and business owners to have also changed and adapted the way they work today. With cloud based softwares and remote access becoming increasingly accessible, in many cases there is now much more flexibility, not only in the way we work, but where we work. Where a physical office and the overheads are not required, with remote workers and home workers, there are a wide range of products and services on offer.

Virtual Offices are a facility whereby a company will have a business presence at a chosen address. This enables them to use that address for their business and correspondance, thus allowing them to work from home or remotely with a professional image. Virtual facilities will often include access to spaces to drop in and work, call answering or post collection.

Co-working involves having a membership to enable you to drop in and use facilities to work or hold meetings on a flexible, ad-hoc basis. Ideal for someone working from home but wanting to meet clients elsewhere, or a person who travels around to meet clients and would benefit from drop in places to catch up on emails and work.

Basepoint Business Centres offer a range of products and services tailored to the remote worker. Virtual Offices and Businessworld Membership for flexible working. Basepoint are part of IWG Group PLC, so Virtual or Businessworld members benefit from a large network of working places, in all Regus and Basepoint Centres, both in the UK and worldwide.

Find out more here:

VIRTUAL OFFICES http://www.basepoint.co.uk/services/virtual-offices 

BUSINESSWORLD https://www.regus.co.uk/membership