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Fun Friday Networking Day Event

12:00, Friday, 31 January 2020


End the week with a Networking Event from 12.00 am-2.00 pm

We will be holding our Networking Hub on Friday 31st January 2020 between 12 pm -2pm
377-399London Road GU15 3HL  3rd floor breakout area

Our guest speaker will be John Peddie and this is a meet John video for you to watch.

I'm John Peddie, that's me (the bald, short guy) in the middle. I help business owners like you, to tell your stories and get your messages to your customers, engagingly, using the most effective online communication tool - video! As you can see I enjoy what I do. creating a relaxed environment for you to come across at your very best on camera. (even if you feel like you're falling apart inside)

At the networking event on 31/01/2020 Friday I'm going to show you how to overcome your fear of being on video and create a regular professional video that will elevate your business and stand you out from the rest of the noise. Expect plenty of tips that you can put straight into practice on your own videos.

And they'll be the chance to win a session at my green screen studio here at Basepoint Camberley to create a video for your business.