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Basepoint - not just about offices!


Being part of IWG means more than just renting office space. With different packages for every need, why not try one of our lounge memberships?

Think Basepoint, think office space! Which is true, but there is also so much more in what we are able to offer.

Introducing our lounge memberships: which sounds like some airport offer (which in some ways it is!) but in actual fact is a fantastic option for those who need the greatest flexibility in their work life.

Lounge Membership is simply a way of paying one monthly fee which gives you access to 3000 lounges worldwide, meaning wherever you are you can find a space to work. These lounges give you access to premium grade wifi, with comfy sofas and chairs giving you the freedom to work when and where you like. However there is more: what if you need a desk and a chair and some privacy? Well, we can help you out there too. There are options for adding 5, 10 or unlimited days a month in a co-working space or private office- in any centre in the world. Yes, any centre in the world!!

If you travel and need the flexibility to work in various locations, or you just need the freedom to be able to drop in and work wherever you are then one of Lounge Memberships are for you. Have a look at https://www.regus.co.uk/business-lounge to find out more.