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Making photography pay

You may have given thought of how to utilise that camera stuck in the cupboard to generate a steady income.   Here are a few ideas to ponder on :


1.  Become a stock photographer

2.   Sell your pictures using an App

3.   Take pictures for family and friends

4.   Taking pictures for Real Estate companies

5.   Sell it as art


Let us look at just one. Stock photography.  Several stock photography websites are continuously looking out to purchase pictures.   A percentage is being paid for every picture that gets downloaded, every time it is downloaded.    There is no limited to pictures being downloaded.

A wide variety of quality photographs for websites, brochures, magazines etc., are in constant demand, and the place that are turned to is stock photography.  

Digital photographs can be submitted to a variety of digital stock photography websites.    There is no need to be professional – the only thing you need is a digital camera, extra memory cards and an internet access.   A lot of these websites can be signed up for free.

Any type of digital picture is acceptable if it is of high quality.   It must be in JPG/JPEG and should be 1600 x 1200 pixels or larger.   For Shutterstock for instance submitted photographs should be 4.0 Megapixels or Million Pixels (MP).  Calculating the number of pixels in a photograph you need to multiply the width with the height.  A picture as mentioned above with the measurements 1600 x 1200 equals to 1.92 million pixels.

Photographs that depict a recognisable face or a minor, a release signed by the individuals will have to be forwarded with the picture to the website you are sending your photograph to.   Original work alone should be sent.  No copyrighted material or logos must be in the images.   Do not increase the size from original size.    Make sure to follow the guidelines of each website before you send your pictures.

The uploaded photograph will stay on the website for as long as you like.   For each download you earn money.  You can be uploaded to various websites as long as non-exclusive photographs are allowed.

A great thing about this is that as long as your pictures are uploaded and stay on the various websites, it earns money.  So you can keep on uploading pictures every day.  

Now getting paid through PayPal for instance.    You must open an account with PayPal.   Soon as any payments are received by them, they send you an email to notify you of such payment being made.    If you do not already have an account, when an email is received, you open a PayPal account and confirm the email address.   You then have to open an account with PayPal to be able to receive your payment.  If you already have an account, your recent activity will be on your summary page.   Click on the transaction and view the details.   As soon as payment is received, the funds can be transferred to your bank account.   At time of writing PayPal charges 2.9% of payment receive for their services.