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The process earning commission on other peoples products


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other peoples' (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Instead of having your own business with all the expenses that goes with it, you generate income by promoting another person or company’s products.   Whenever your promotions turn into sales for a targeted company, you get your share.   The moral of the story is, you get paid for another person’s hard work.    You could have an uncapped income.

Starting affiliate marketing is comparatively easy, but to make a success thereof, a bit more complicated.  The only downside of affiliate marketing is, is that you need to have a website or blog.   There are also custom domain websites that concentrate solely on marketing other people’s products.   Although you may also make use of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, e-mails.

To make a difference, it requires work and shrewd strategy and there will be no short-term gain.    To make a success of affiliate marketing, you must have the right attitude.   Just because it is not your own product you are promoting; doesn’t mean you can treat it with disdain.  

In the past, affiliate marketing has gained a tarnished image by people who wanted to make a quick buck and were unscrupulous.   If you go about your business the right way, and make sure you recommend products people need and were tested by you, a principled cycle will be created.   If you keep to this route, recommendations will come your way even from people you have yet not dealt with.   This is called word of mouth advertising.  You have proven yourself to be trustworthy with a valued advice.  Always remember, you have an audience to serve which in turn will become your fans.

Returning to how affiliate marketing works; affiliate marketing is a powerful way to online income and is nearly limitless.   There is, however, certain rules and regulations set for the advertising of products or services.     Never give the impression to your audience that you are an official partner of the product.  Your recommendation should not be look-alike pages.  

Recommending a product you have not tried yourself, may harm the trust your audience may have in you.   Not all products are what they seem.  Stick to recommending only products you have tried yourself and do not try and sell direct to your audience. 

How does affiliate marketing works?   Firstly, a product is being recommended by you.    The company selling the product gets new customers they never had before or would not have been introduced to otherwise.  This results in a sale to your audience and commission to you.   The income you generate is dependent on the time you put in and the “fan base” you grow.

There are various websites that can explain the pros and cons of affiliate marketing in the finest detail.   But at the end of the day, trust is what affiliate marketing is built on.  

Working from a co-working office can be ideal for you to concentrate on your market.   Obtaining a space in a serviced centre, where everything is taken care of, ie. a leased line for internet connectivity with full security, public IP addresses for VPN and port forwarding services, etc. will be the ideal place to generate your income.  This will diminish the everyday distractions one has working from home and all the extras you need to pay for and hassles to sort out if something goes wrong.