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Pros and cons of internet

Could your business survive if the internet went offline completely?  If your business is subjected to restricted control traffic flow?  Or could your business survive if you do not make use of the internet?

Avoiding putting a plan into place for an unavoidable disaster of not being connected, is unthinkable.   Having a plan, is surviving.  

Putting all your eggs into an internet basket, could mean financial ruin.  Companies like Google, for instance would be ruined if they should have an internet problem.

Most businesses benefit from being active on social media.  But it does not mean all businesses.  As with everything, there is an exception to every rule.  There are businesses that find time spent on social media a waste of their time although a vast majority see an increase in traffic and sales.  Thus said, there are instances when it’s just not necessary.

Take for instance the law firm Moore and Hedges, specialists in Social Security disability and veteran’s benefits.   This law firm only has a Facebook account.    You may wonder why.  Their targeted audience is between the ages 25 to 49, of which Facebook is the preferred media.  

To determine whether your target audience is active on social media, a thorough research will have to be conducted.  This will be of use to save investing time and resources into social media if they are not active on these platforms.

To resolve whether social media is the right platform for your business, you need to ask yourself a few questions.  

How many of your target audience is active on social media?  Will you be wasting your time to create accounts and actively posting updates?

If your target audience is actively using social media, which social media are they using?   Making sure which, will allow you to concentrate your focus and your time on the right one.

An online presence is paramount in this digital era we live in.   People are progressively connected on their devices for everything.    From information to purchasing products online, from maintaining friendships with others to reading the news.   Business has been infiltrated big time.   No large company that cater worldwide is without online access.    Not being online would create a disadvantage to their business that will not be easy to overcome, the result being that remarkable websites together with apps on mobiles and social media, are being created to capture all segments of their audience.

Advertising on social media has created the opportunity to pinpoint who will be reached by a specific marketing product.   Businesses without social media are more targeting buying public that do not get involved with the internet or online purchases.  So not leaving a digital footprint, you are limiting your possible market.

In conclusion, if there is a way to survive without an online market, why should you?