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With the variety of serviced and flexible office solutions on offer today, businesses, in some cases, are now favouring a serviced office environment over a traditional lease option.

Businesses are evolving in the way they work, with remote or flexible working becoming more common. Many businesses want flexibility to either grow or downsize dependant on how their business may change. Serviced offices will offer that flexibility, usually with a month to month rolling term, lower deposits and a quick and easy move in.

There are also many other factors to consider when having a leased premises, such as health & safety of the building, utilities, internet and waste disposal. Some businesses will be attracted to the inclusive features of the serviced office, not having the resources to arrange or maintain all these features. Serviced offices are a great way to move in and get started without these other considerations and costs.

It can also be a bonus that serviced offices give the business community feel and they can get to know other businesses and work alongside others.

Although many will still prefer the leased option over a business centre, those wanting flexibility are now looking at these facilities more and more