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What if your next Staff Member had 4 legs?


Your next Well-being and Productivity Officer could be a Dog

Research shows that having a dog in the office can improve staff well being and productivity, even the big companies like Google and Ticketmaster are getting in on it. So could Dogs be the next must have office accessory?

At Basepoint we are dog friendly and welcome them in through Reception because we see the benefits of them being here. The owners are happier and they actually bring our customers together while everyone stops to pet them as they come down the corridors, which then leads to conversations and networking – The dogs are the star of the office! The owners then don’t stress so much because they don’t have to worry about whether the dog is ok at home and the rush home at lunchtime to let them out becomes a healthy stroll to the local park or outdoor area.

From a business point of view a happy workforce is a workforce that not only stays but is easier to recruit into so costs will be cut and money saved. Also a dog in the office has been proven to help settle new staff members and increase communication so those new staff members become more productive quicker.

Whether they become the next thing for your office depends on your staff and HR policy but we certainly think it’s something that should be looked at.