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Colour is fundamental in determining the personality of your brand- you can use them to your advantage to bring about the emotions you want your audience to feel.

Did you know- between 62% and 90% of consumer's judgement of a brand is based solely on its colours. So, choose your colours wisely and make sure it reflects your brand personality.

Red- Dynamic, passionate and loud. Red generates a sense of urgency and gets people to make quick decisions, perfect for sales.

Orange- The perfect combination of red and yellow, orange provokes warmth, energy and excitement. If you want to stand out, this is the colour for you.

Yellow- Exuding happiness and joy, yellow is one of the most cheerful colours. As an attention- grabber, it is accessible, friendly and optimistic.

Green- The most versatile of the colours, it symbolises nature, growth and rebirth. Dark green indicates ambition, whilst light green signifies peace.

Blue- Blue inspires confidence, calmness and trust. It is an emblem for wisdom. Inciting intelligence and maturity, it is the most used colour for logos.

Purple- Purple is luxurious and ambitious, with hints of femininity. Often associated with royalty and creativity, it is the perfect balance of relaxation and energy.

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(Article in March/April Diamond magazine.)