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Overhauling the office is a huge feat, and often very expensive – especially when the economy’s in a rut. Not everyone can get an interior designer in to liven the place up, but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve nice working quarters. We’ve listed some ideas for you to breathe life into the workspace on a budget – any budget really, as long as you like the end result.

We’re not suggesting shelling out for a Tanning or hiring Marina Abramović to sit in the break room, but adding a bit of art to the building can go a long way. Most department stores have pre-framed art at a reasonable price, but if you want to go for a more homely feel, getting staff to paint art for the walls – at a distance, obviously – can be a great bonding activity and will have a nice effect in the office. Turn it into a painting party with pizza.

If you’re really on a shoestring budget and feeling creative, the effect can also be achieved with a banana and a bit of duct tape.

Cash in on the houseplant craze by bringing them to the office to liven the place up. Cacti are the perfect mix of low effort and low budget, but there’s a whole range of flora you don’t have to devote too much thought to. It’s been proven that urban green spaces have a strong positive effect on people’s wellbeing and mental health, as well as increasing people’s value of their surroundings. And who couldn’t use a bit of positive energy right now?

Low lighting may be atmospheric and hygge, but twinned with computer screen blaring at us, it only puts a strain on our eyes. Maximising as much natural light in the office as you can is optimal. Natural light in the workspace has plenty of benefits, including overall employee health and happiness. But not every office has access to an abundance of natural light, so replacing all lights with daylight bulbs and fixtures is a great alternative. Daylight lamps are fairly inexpensive and have the benefit of providing decent lighting whilst also looking chic.

From picking up rugs at flea markets, to going through the bargain bins for discount cushions, adding little touches here and there can really go a long way. Cheap vases can always be found in charity shops, and mismatched ones have a nice effect once bunched together. Painting an accent wall in the office adds a bit more depth and colour (bonus points if it’s a colour from your company branding).

With nice offices to come back to work to, employees give back in terms of overall health, happiness, and higher productivity. Investing in your surroundings is investing in employees, and your good design deed won’t go unnoticed.

Source: https://www.spacesworks.com/spicing-office-budget/