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Rare Hummingbird hawk-moth flutters in Tewkesbury woman's garden


A rare species of moth has been spotted fluttering in a Gloucestershire woman's garden. Diane Hall, from Tewkesbury, found the Hummingbird haw-moth in her garden on Sunday afternoon, but was unsure what it was when she first saw it. She said: "I was enjoying the afternoon sun with a cup of tea when I first noticed it. I was not sure if it was a dragonfly at first.

"It kept flying out of the garden, on and off for a good ten minutes and then came back and was settling on the flower in the video."

Diane said that she didn't know what the colourful insect was until she put the video up on social media and several insect experts gave their thoughts.

She said: "I hadn’t seen anything like this before so decided to video it and ask on Facebook if people new what species was.

"It turns out by the responses that it’s a Hummingbird moth!"