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Osteopathy coming to Basepoint


Basepoint welcomes a young energetic Osteopath, Beth Lawrence

Beth Lawrence has opened her own clinic in Basepoint Andover recently.   Osteopathy is a wonderful way to detect, treat and prevent health problems by various movements of muscles and joints.

Ms Lawrence herself was subjected to Osteopathy since she was young and used it through her youth being an athlete.   This peaked her interest in helping others, not only with sports injuries but every one in a wider more clinical way.

She started her training at the University College of Osteopathy in London in 2014 which took over a five year period to qualify as a professional, spending time working at the university’s clinic building up her proficiency, working on a wide range of clients ranging from pregnant women and people suffering with HIV.

After she graduated, she worked for the NHS in Basingstoke, always wanting to be her own boss.  Looking around, she found what she was looking for at Basepoint Business Centre, Andover, where she opened her own private clinic on October 5, aptly named :  Osteobeth.  Even though she is still building up her list of patients and  settled in her new role, she still gives back to the NHS as she feels that she can give something back to everyone.   She like the community feel at Basepoint Andover and finds it great for networking.  Covid-19 has caused a lot of problems for her as in her line of business, she needs to touch people and therefore has had to take a lot of precautions.   As a young budding entrepreneur, the added costs of PPE and change in the way she works is adding new challenges.  Sanitation procedure in cleaning after clients' visits hasn't change but adding masks and gloves to the mix, is new.  

She dreams of a big future with a bigger, multi-disciplanary clinic together with a chiropractor and physiotherapist to extend treatment of a range of conditions.   She wants to do workshops to raise awareness with young people.

Basdepoint Andover wishes her every success.