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“Regus centre turned “super‑clinic” supports the roll out of the UK vaccine”


When Covid-19 put opening franchising plans on hold, Regus partner Nadim Choudary reimagined his centre to assist with the rapid roll-out of the vaccine in his community

When Nadim Choudary bought a 25,000sq ft property in Northampton’s Moulton Business Park, he felt a thrill of anticipation. As the Managing Director of Slurp Coffee, Choudary started his journey as a Regus franchise partner at the beginning of 2020, with Moulton set to be his first centre for the brand.

“I work with multiple global brands,” says Choudary, “and I believe Regus is the leader in the coworking industry. It has the ideal model for SMEs and startups, helping them grow to the next stage.”

Choudary’s Regus centre was slated to open in Q1 of 2021 – until a third national lockdown called this into question. Inspired by national efforts to support the NHS, Choudary decided to put the centre to good use and turn it into a vaccination site.

As soon as the location was government-approved, builders moved in on a six-week mission, working day and night to convert the building into a super-clinic, capable of administering 1,000 to 2,000 jabs a day. The centre is so large that it’s become a distribution hub for satellite vaccination units in the area – even earning praise from UK health secretary Matt Hancock.

The family business

So why did Choudary feel moved to get involved in such a big way? Altruism, it seems, is in his blood. “I come from a philanthropic background,” he explains. His family run soup kitchens in Northampton and in 2009 developed a community centre in the city that they continue to fund. In Kashmir – from where the family originates – they are building one of the largest orphanages in south Asia.

“My father, my grandfather and great-grandfather were all philanthropists, even up to the present day,” he explains. “My siblings and I were all taught that the more you give, the less you need.”

The reaction from the local community to the vaccination centre has been overwhelmingly positive – not just in Northampton, but in the surrounding towns and villages, which have benefited from its easily accessible location and large, free parking facilities.

Making an impact

The centre has been warmly welcomed, too, by local businesses. Choudary feels interest in the building’s next incarnation as a Regus centre has actively risen thanks to the site’s role in the fight against Covid-19, and added a sense of positive, useful engagement with the community.

“We have already had a fintech company approach us for the whole upper floor – that’s 12,000 square feet,” he enthuses. “When the company heard about our initiative, they actually delayed their own project because they wanted to wait to work with us. There are all kinds of people who have seen us doing good things and want to be a part of it.”

A feelgood future

The vaccination clinic is expected to close by October 2021, at which point Choudary will immediately send in contractors to ready the site to open as a Regus centre in January 2022. He expects the majority of businesses using the space to be SMEs and startups, but has also seen interest from larger companies moving away from long-term, fixed leases and into flexspace.

Source: https://www.regus.com/work-us/en-us/regus-centre-turned-super-clinic-supports-the-roll-out-of-the-uk-vaccine/