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Life isn't measured by the breaths we take but about the moments that take our breaths away.

The world has lived through horendous moments for the past year and a half and that is not the moments that should have taken our breaths away.   Putting Covid in the distant past, is something we all strive for.  

Slowly but surely life will return to a new normal, a normal that will take getting used to.   Fortunately, human beings are very adaptable creatures and with determination, we will survive.

During the pandemic, masks caused a lot of breathless moments, moments one would rather forget.    This can be done in the face of Spring in the UK, announced by daffodils blossoming along the roadsides,  hanging baskets bursting with colour, bees flitting from one to another announcing their lust for life.

As winter turns into spring, into summer and nature adapts, so shall we.   Perhaps not with such vigour but most certainly with some range of normality. 

With the economy not being what it was, Basepoint Business Centres can make life easier for those who are trying to get their businesses together again.   Here at Basepoint Andover, we cater for a wide variety of accommodation.   Co-working space for those who only need a desk, chair, phone and wifi to offices that can accommodate a variety of workers.   On the premises, which is like a large family, there is already a gym (Combat Fuel),  hairdresser (Salon73), laundry (Andover Laundry), dog groomer (Mucky Pups), recruitment agency (Aligra), vintage store (Whitewicks), online supermarket (Hungrily),  osteopath (Osteobeth) , chiropractor (YMYB), La-di-da interior,  an accountant (MW Accounting) just to name a few,  and we will soon be joined by an aesthetic doctor.

Basepoint is most certainly the place to help establish those who are desperately trying to get back to some sense of normality - Let us stop and smell the flowers.