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Motivate yourself

How can one motivate oneself to reach the potential that is there for you?

Lets start at the beginning : Being in an environment that is not conducive to positivity, is one of the principal sources of failure.  It does not help to wake up in the morning with a feeling of it is just going to be another day wasted.  

No!  You have to wake up, switch on the radio and find a station that play uplifting music.   There are a lot of music out there that can create the right atmosphere to put you in the right mood to face the day.   Even if you have to listen to Freddy Murcury and I want to break free.   Break free of that feeling of I can't do it.

Start celebrating each and every win you have over the feeling of unworthiness that is hovering about you.  Begin with small goals you set for yourself and work your way up to larger and more obtainable goals.   Each win over even the smallest of achievement should be celebrated and it will  be the reason why you keep pushing forward.   Do not let one single setback get you down.  When that happens, think of the win you had yesterday.

Surround yourself with people with go!  Get away from those who seem to drag you down or add to your depression.   Being around positive motivated people tends to rub off on one.  The more ambition around you, the more ambition you will have.    Avoid negative people who keep on telling you you are wasting your time.   You do not need those in your life.

It may take time - nothing worth having comes easy.   Look up and push through - there is a light at the end of the tunnel - and it is NOT an oncoming train.