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KNOW your mistakes, KNOW what you learned from them, NEVER to repeat them again.


The greatest mistake a man can make is to never make one.

What was the last mistake that you made at work?   Whether it was a minor one and you felt a rush of panic and then had the inconvenience of putting things right.  Being human, we are immune to making mistakes.   But apologising and carrying on may mean we may make the same mistake again.

Not learning from ones mistakes, inflicts unnecessary stress on ourselves and on others.  Their confidence and trust in us may take a knock.  Let us see how we can take this on board to improve ourselves.   To make a mistake is not the same thing as failing.   A mistake can be rectified but when you give up after making a mistake, you fail.

There are five steps to help you to learn from your mistakes - to put what you have learned into practice.

1.     Own Your Mistakes

If you do not own up to a mistake, you cannot learn from it.   Admit it, take ownership of it, apologise and work on the solution.   To say sorry, and mean it, takes courage.  Owing up to it is better than it being made known via another source.

2.    Reframe the Error

Viewing your error in a negative light may not allow you to see your mistake as an opportunity to learn.   Reflect and start thinking about what you can do to prevent it happening again.  

3.    Analyse the Mistake

To analyse the mistake you need to ask yourself what you were trying to do, what went wrong, when dit it go wrong and why.

4.     Put the Lesson Learned Into Practice

Identifying the knowledge, resources or tools that will keep you from the repeating of the error.   

5:     Take your progress into review

Reviewing your progress is if the same scenario happens again and you passed it without making the same mistake again, you have put the lesson to good stead.