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3 Tricks to Get People to Actually Listen to Your Presentations

Few things conjure up a feeling of dread quite like the anticipation of a lengthy PowerPoint presentation. Professionals spend an average of 40 percent of their workday in meetings, many of which include a presenter painfully reading straight from a slide deck. Seventy-one percent of people report that the meetings they attend are a waste of time. Meeting attendees are so accustomed to this monotonous routine that they come armed with an arsenal of more interesting distractions, most likely on their smartphones, such as text messages, social media and emails.

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Technological advances mean that workers are now able to work remotely and from home much more in recent times. This can mean more flexibility and an increase in productivity. However in some cases, the lack of human interaction once had in the traditional office environment can mean feeling isolated and missing out on the human element of working.

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John, LDF Operations Ltd

Having acquired a business situated in Basepoint it was really easy to upgrade the office to a larger unit without the usual hassle of moving. Very helpful team, great on…

Diana Hindle, Framax UK Ltd

We have been here a year and are very pleased with our office. It is comfortable, convenient and secure. All of you in reception have been very helpful at all times -I ca…

Stuart Pollard, SWP Chartered Accountants

I have occupied one of the offices at the Southampton Basepoint centre for almost 4 years. The centre is really well looked after and has a very professional feel to it. …