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According to research of Startups.co.uk readers carried out with business broadband and phone provider Plusnet, "85% of small business owners feel like they’re ‘winging it’ at least some of the time."

The research of close to 850 small business owners from across the UK found one in five “often” felt that way, with close to one in 10 falling into that mindset “very often”.

Revealing their innermost fears is not something small business owners can generally afford to share publicly, which is why the findings are particularly fascinating – and were used to devise Plusnet Pioneers, an exciting programme of events, content, and mentoring to help small businesses achieve their ambitions.

Small business owners are often competing against bigger, more established companies, and can feel like their ‘winging it’. The Plusnet Pioneers programme has been designed to help address this fear and, alongside a series of events and mentoring, will offer advice and personal experiences from experts and leading figures from some of the UK’s top brands and most successful start-ups.

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Source: http://startups.co.uk/85-of-start-ups-feel-like-they-are-winging-it/?mc_cid=0a8d3aaba7&mc_eid=4dfbce6321