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Essex Chambers Workshop - Everything you need to know about VAT!


Everything you needed to know about VAT but were too afraid to ask!

A lot of business people see VAT as a “no go zone” a view reinforced by some within the tax profession as an area subject to its own unique rules.

While most issues regarding VAT can seem (and sometimes are rather esoteric and complex), as a transaction tax the best starting point is to establish “who is supplying what to who?”

So if you have questions such as:

What are the VAT liabilities of the supplies you make, or receive?
Should I be registered for VAT?
Would I benefit from registering for VAT?
What VAT can I reclaim?
What makes an invoice a tax invoice?
What is the earliest I can make a claim?
What steps should I take to correct an error?
How best do I prepare for a VAT visit?
Is the assessment I received correct?

You need to come to one of the Chambers' VAT taster sessions. These are theme focused sessions to enable you to get information to help you address your VAT issues.

Ian Marrow is the VAT Associate at Rickard Luckin Limited, accountants and businesses advisors. Before moving to the private sector he spent 10 years as an officer at HM Customs & Excise.

Ian deals with all types of enquiry from whether VAT incurred is seen as business entertainment, to advising on large complex property transactions.


Venue: Essex Chambers of Commerce, Thurrock Learning Campus, High Street, Grays, Essex, RM17 6TF.

Friday 19th May 2017

Time: 09:00am Registration, 09:30am Start, 11:30am Finish.


Article taken from Essex Chambers of Commerce website.